coco dazzling lipstick, counter quality, spot: 60# 68# 70# 91# 92# 104# 106# have escaped the frosted lipstick, but have not escaped the glare lipstick, Coco Flash glaze glare lipstick, every color Super beautiful! Never let us down~~~ It's so beautiful! Who can avoid this charming ruby red, it is absolutely correct to say that it is the first beauty in the cocoa series! First of all, the color is darker water red with delicate golden flash, super beautiful! It makes people unable to divert their gaze, and they were amazed when they first started using it! Super white, showing temperament, high-level beauty, the fine flash inside is not overwhelming at all, the mouth is sparkling, it is a bonus, the texture is also particularly moist, the kind of moist that can be slipped by flies! In short, perfect, must buy

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Color No. free choose :  60#, 68# ,70# ,91# ,92# ,104# ,106# 

Price 1: Wholesale Price 30 USD /Pcs  >Quantity 120 Pcs

Price 2: Sample Price 45 USD/Pcs   >Quantity 12 Pcs


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