Ordinary small fragrance lip glaze is 6ml, the color number is random. Chanel Lip Glaze CHANEL is a super showy velvet lip gloss. It looks like a lip gloss, but after 30 seconds, the upper lip will turn into a matte texture, showing a misty sheen like tulle. Contains green tea, hematoxylin, almond oil and vitamin E Derivatives and other moisturizing ingredients, apply smoothly and moisturize without feeling dry, meticulously wear, and get rid of the shortcomings of common matte lipsticks such as lip lines and uneven color. From nude pink to red, the color is bright and full

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Price 1: Wholesale Price 4 USD /Pcs  >Quantity 120 Pcs

Price 2: Sample Price 15 USD/Pcs   >Quantity 12 Pcs


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