Top ten luxury lipstick brands in the world Top ten lipstick brands list

Top ten luxury lipstick brands in the world Top ten lipstick brands list

Author: Daren CoCo Beauty

Speaking of the most luxurious lipstick lipstick brands, the single price of luxury lipstick lipsticks with top formulas mostly sells for more than fifty dollars. People are willing to pay extremely high prices for luxury goods they don't need. The beautiful packaging of the lipstick, the novel promotional strategy and the product features are combined to make women's resistance to zero instantly and willingly bankrupt them.
What, straight men don’t even know the difference between lipstick, lip gloss and lip glaze? Don't know how to choose lipstick?
Lipstick, also known as lipstick, has been a symbol of feminine beauty since ancient times. Many talented people in ancient and modern times planted on this "a little bit of vermilion lips", "Plain lips and white teeth, beautiful and beautiful", even a hundred steel making has become soft. This shows the importance of good-looking lips to women.
Now the times have changed, but the aesthetics of ancient times have been inherited. Lipstick is becoming more and more popular, even girls who don't make-up can not resist lipstick.
Straight guys still learn the following picture, take a good look, watch it for 5 minutes, walk away...
Straight men, let’s not say that the editor didn’t help you. Because of your life-long events, the editor was also broken. This is why a heavy review-12 big-name super-popular lipsticks subjectively tested, can’t be taken away thank.


1. Comprehensive best: Armani love lipstick
   Knowing you are lazy, I simply and rudely put on the comprehensive evaluation results of 12 lipsticks.
   Comprehensive color rendering, moisturization, durability, ease of makeup removal, and texture, etc., Armani Armani Love Lipstick performed the best, while M.A.C performed at the bottom in many indicators and was not recommended.
   Seeing the result, the guys don't panic. Some girls like to moisturize, some like retro, some value long-lasting, and some who just want to look good.
   What is the difference between 12 lipsticks? Which lipstick is more suitable for her? Please continue reading, the editor will recommend them for you one by one. There are easter eggs at the end of the article, promise me to see the end!

Color rendering

2. The best single item: Armani Armani love lipstick, M.A.C fashion lipstick
   "Dan has bright lips and bright teeth are fresh on the inside". "Dan" means cinnabar. It was the main raw material of red grease used in ancient women's makeup. The first impression a lipstick gives to others is the color of the lipstick, that is, whether the lips after applying the lipstick are naturally full, bright and bright, in simple terms, whether they look good or not, it is the most important indicator for consumers to buy.
   However, the color of many lipsticks is not "what you see is what you get", that is, the color of the paste and the color on the mouth will have a certain color difference, which is what we call color rendering.
   If the color rendering of a lipstick is not high, it will be misleading for consumers to purchase, and it will also affect their feelings of use. Lipsticks with high saturation will have better color rendering, while lipsticks with low saturation have different color renderings from people to people, and the color difference will increase.
   This time, the 12 lipsticks tested by "Consumer Report" were all red or similar. Models and volunteers tested the color to compare the color of the lipstick paste and the color difference on the mouth.
  The test results show that Armani Armani and Magic M.A.C have the best color rendering.
   Among them, the model with the best color test performance is the M.A.C fashion lipstick. The color of the lipstick paste and the color on the mouth basically have no color difference.
12 lipstick models test color
   Why is there a color difference between the paste color of the lipstick and the color applied to the lips?
Taiwan’s cosmetic formulation expert Lin Zhiqing explained to Consumer Reports: “The main ingredients in lipsticks include oils and waxes, various powders (such as titanium dioxide, talc), colorants, fragrances and antioxidants. When these things are mixed When they are together, it will have an impact on the colorant, causing the difference between when applied to the skin or lips and when viewed with the naked eye."
He emphasized, "To minimize the color difference between the color seen by the naked eye and the color applied to the skin or lips, the key lies in the technical level of the cosmetics factory, which includes several key procedures: 1. Colorants 2. The quality of the powder 3. The ratio between the pigment and the powder 4. The uniformity of the mixing between the pigment and the powder."


3. The best single item: Armani Armani Love Lipstick, Shiseido Perfect Lip Balm, Givenchy Lambskin Lipstick
  Dry, cold weather can make consumers’ mouths dry and cracked. And habitual licking of the lips and excessive rubbing of the mouth with paper towels will accelerate the loss of moisture in the lips to varying degrees, making it difficult to preserve the moistness of the mouth.
   In fact, the thickness of the lip skin is only one third of that of other parts of the body. Except for the moisturizing of the lips, it can only be maintained by using some skin care products. Lip balm and lipstick are the daily choices of female consumers.
   lipstick can effectively moisturize the mouth and can last a long time without penetrating into the body. It contains ingredients that provide a barrier for lips to lock in moisture.
   "Consumer Report" tested the moisturizing degree of 12 lipsticks this time, using a moisture tester to test the moisture content after applying the lipstick and subjective evaluation of the human body to determine the moisturizing effect of each lipstick.
   is to apply 12 lipsticks side by side on the back of the same person's hand. After staying for 30 minutes, measure the skin moisture value of the area with a moisture tester.
   Test results showed that Armani Armani, Shiseido and Givenchy performed better.
"The moisturizing degree of lipstick comes from the selection of oils. In addition to the traditional petroleum jelly, manufacturers can use a variety of animal and vegetable oils and synthetic oils. The amount of their content can make the moisturizing and skin feel different. "Lin Zhiqing said.
In addition to common moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter extract, jojoba seed oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), petrolatum, lanolin, etc., other moisturizing ingredients in the formula can also increase the moisture of the lipstick, such as plant sterols , Sodium Hyaluronate, etc.

lasting value

4. Best single item: Maybelline stunning long lasting matte lipstick, Tom Ford black gold lipstick

Lip print is synonymous with fragrant and sultry, but from another point of view, it is also a flaw of lipstick. A lipstick with low durability is often easy to take off so that it is soaked in water, swallowed when eating, and changed clothes. Being rubbed, beaten and tasted...
  Lipsticks with poor makeup holding effect not only affect the appearance, but often fade badly after a long time after application or after eating, and they need to be touched up. The most important thing is to use it quickly, you have to spend money to buy it...
   The lipstick durability test of this magazine is divided into two parts: the cup dip test and the volunteer makeup test.
  Dip the cup experiment is to let the model apply lipstick, drink water with a white mug, and observe how much lipstick is left on the cup (lipstick residue) to judge the makeup holding effect of the lipstick.
Model dip cup experiment results
In addition, after 12 volunteers put on lipstick, they took up to 4 hours of durability evaluation. During this period, they drank once, ate once, and drank once every hour. The types and quantities of snacks provided were the same, and they were compared after 4 hours. Its degree of makeup removal.
   test results showed that Maybelline's stunning long-lasting foggy matte lipstick performed best, followed by Tom Ford black gold lipstick. Among them, the one with the least amount of residue on the cup is the Magic M.A.C fashion lipstick, and the one with the least amount of makeup removal for volunteers in 4 hours is Tom Ford Black Gold Lipstick.
   Lin Zhiqing explained:
"The key technology required for a longer-lasting, hard-to-remove lipstick is the use of volatile silicone oil. After the lipstick is applied to the lips, these highly volatile silicone oils will quickly evaporate and fix the color on the lips. Originally, lipsticks that used general oils and fats, because of the low volatility of the oils, the colorants are dissolved in the oils, so they are easily transferred to the cup or wiped off with the oils."
Chen Yan, technical director of Beijing Shengzhuangjiahua Cosmetics, believes that, generally speaking, after the volatile oil contained in lipsticks with long-lasting colors is volatilized, colorants and other ingredients will form a hard film on the lips, and the experience will be "dry" , This is what we call matte lipstick.
  , the M.A.C lipstick, which is famous for its matte finish, has less residue in the cup, but the results of the volunteers' 4-hour makeup test were poor. The reason for this contrast may be that when the colorant and other ingredients form a dura mater on the lips, friction during eating may cause this "dura mater" to be taken off in pieces, thereby removing makeup.
   Beauty makeup independent writer Ling Bao suggested that if consumers feel that the lipstick is too dry, apply a layer of lip balm before applying the lipstick and wait 2 minutes for the moisturizing ingredients to be absorbed before applying the lipstick.

Difficulty of removing makeup

5. Single item is better: Lancome Pure Soft Lip Balm, Givenchy Lambskin Lipstick, Dior Flame Blue Gold Lipstick

   Yes, the girl just wants to entangle whether the lip makeup is long-lasting, and conversely, whether the lip makeup is easy to remove. Lip skin is very delicate and easy to remove lipstick is certainly one of the criteria to consider.
   "Consumer Report" applied 12 lipsticks on the back of the same person's hand, and then judged their ease of makeup removal based on the amount of makeup remaining after removal.
   Put the lipstick on the back of the hand, wait for 15 minutes, and wipe it twice with a makeup remover wipe to see the residual amount after removing the makeup. The more obvious the traces, the more difficult it is to remove makeup; otherwise, the easier it is.
   Test results show that Lancome Pure Soft Lip Balm is the easiest to remove. Givenchy lambskin and Dior Dior Flame Blue Gold perform well.
   The durability of lipstick and the ease of makeup removal seem to be incompatible with each other, but it is not.
   Lin Zhiqing told the magazine that no matter what type of lipstick, the key to removing makeup is whether to use the right makeup remover.
He explained: "For those lipsticks that do not fade, because volatile silicone oil is used, when the silicone oil evaporates, the oil lost by the colorant will appear to be dry and attached to the skin. At this time, use general water-soluble makeup removers. These colors cannot be dissolved so that they are difficult to remove. This phenomenon will not occur with cleansing oil."
   Therefore, after applying lipstick for a long time, consumers are advised to use the correct makeup remover products, such as eye and lip makeup remover, to remove the remaining makeup.


6. Best single item: YSL square tube pure lipstick, Lancome pure soft lip balm, Givenchy lambskin lipstick

   Lipsticks with soft texture, good spreadability and easy application are of course more popular.
   In this test, we smeared 12 lipsticks on A4 paper to observe their texture and texture. Compare and evaluate whether it is smooth and easy to clump when applied.
   test results show that YSL square tube pure lipstick has the best texture, followed by Lancome Pure Soft Lip Balm and Givenchy Lambskin Lipstick.
 The way to protect your lips
  The lips are delicate and delicate. If a girl wants to be beautiful and always beautiful, you need to infuse love and patience with your lipstick and daily lip care.
When applying matte lipstick, you can apply a layer of lip gloss after the lipstick, because the oil in the lip gloss formula can moisturize the skin without dissolving the color, or apply a layer of moisturizing lipstick before applying the lipstick. good looking.
   Do not use homemade "natural" lipsticks lightly. Compared with commercially available lipsticks, these DIY lipsticks are lacking in equipment, quality, scientific ratio, research, and sanitary conditions. They are not recommended.
   Clean the dead skin regularly, adhere to the principle of "no tearing", warm the lips with a warm towel for two minutes, wait for the dead skin to turn white and soft, and then gently wipe with a cotton swab to remove the dead skin. Put on a thick lipstick before going to bed, and you will have new delicate lips the next day.