Top 7 luxury lipsticks in the world

Top 7 luxury lipsticks in the world

Excellent people or products will always be admired and imitated, and they will always be imitated. Whether they can be surpassed or not will have different opinions.
Many straight boyfriends often ask me what lipstick to give to my girlfriend. Big brands have already given it. I want to know which lipstick brands are the most luxurious. Today, based on feedback from many consumers, I sorted out 7 luxury lipsticks, boys You can see which ones have not been given to girlfriends, girls can directly forward them to male tickets~!

The first one: CL (France)

The world-renowned high-heeled shoe brand, famous for its iconic red-soled shoes, has become synonymous with sexy. The lipstick radish dice, following the usual red and black color scheme of red sole shoes, does not follow the conventional style, and the high price makes it the best gift for many boyfriends’ loyal watches, and it can be regarded as the most expensive on the market. Lipstick is out.

The second one: TF (France)

A fashion brand with the same name founded by Tom Ford, a leader in the global fashion industry, lipsticks have strong hiding power, and they can restore the effect color even if the lip color is too deep. What you see is what you get, and the appearance design is simple and elegant, all loved by the founder Named by the man, having a lipstick named after the male god should be the happiest thing


The third one: CPB (Japan)

The top skin care cosmetics brand under the Shiseido Group of Japan, the packaging design is extremely luxurious. The thin tube lipstick is hot this year. Compared with the thick tube, the design is simpler. The all-black metal shell is very textured. It follows the characteristics of daily makeup products. High moisturizing, suitable for girls who like refreshing Japanese makeup

Fourth: CT (UK)

The world makeup master CHARLOTTE Tilbury launched the same-name makeup brand in 2013. Because it was the chief makeup artist of TF before, TF can often be seen on CT products. It is deeply loved by European and American beauty bloggers. The shell is the favorite in Europe and America. It’s golden, but many users report that the packaging feels heavy and the texture is not strong.

Fifth: Guerlain (France)

Guerlain is the first commercial lipstick brand that belongs to the top makeup brand under the world-class luxury group. However, it has been tepid in China. It was not known to the public until Yang Yang was used as a spokesperson in 2015. The kisskiss series is highly sought after by fans. The gemstone lipstick is positioned higher than the kiss lipstick, combining lipstick and mirror to create gems Exquisite shell

Sixth: YSL (France)

This should be the most well-known lipstick brand. It has been popular in China since the Korean drama You From the Stars was broadcast. It once became the most popular online red makeup brand of the year. Both round tube and square tube lipsticks have very high color rendering. Degree, but the problem of pulling out is common, which is criticized by many consumers

Seventh: Giorgio Armani/ Giorgio Armani (Italy)

A famous luxury brand from Italy, the brand has a strong neutral charm. Armani's lipstick products include lip glaze and lipstick. Their CC red lipstick incorporates CC cream ingredients into the paste, which makes the lipstick have a high moisturizing effect, high color rendering and more moisturizing, and has a high reputation among consumers. Armani lip glaze is also a classic that has to be mentioned. Whether it is a matte red tube or a lacquered black tube, there are a large number of clusters.