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Lipstick is a type of lip cosmetics. Its main function is to give the lips a tone, emphasize or change the contour of the lips, and show more vitality and vitality.

As early as 3500 BC, humans have begun to apply some colored minerals and plant pigments on cheeks and lips to achieve the purpose of beauty. With the development of beauty cosmetics, the color tone, formula and function of lipsticks have changed greatly.

The color of lipstick is closely related to women's hairstyles, nail polish tones and clothing changes, becoming more fashionable. Especially in recent years, the use of various pearlescent powders and processed pigments has made lipsticks more diversified and more comfortable in texture. Similar to the development trend of other beauty cosmetics, it continues to maintain its focus on beauty, taking into account the functions of moisturizing, nourishing and sun protection.

The development of lipstick formulas, raw materials and processes promotes the development of the lipstick industry[1].

Lipstick is a kind of cosmetics for lips. Lipsticks include lipsticks, lip sticks, lip glosses, lip glazes, etc., which can make lips ruddy and shiny, moisturize and protect lips; lipsticks can increase facial beauty and correct lip contours, making lips more vibrant and vigorous.  

Two principles for choosing lipstick/lipstick:

1. Choose lipstick according to age:

Young people with fairer skin may have a slightly brighter lipstick color, such as light red, discoloration lipstick and peach.

Mature women should choose solemn colors such as deep red and earth red.

2. Choose lipstick according to skin color:

The lighter the lip color, which is close to white, will also appear dark, so you must choose lipstick according to the whiteness of the skin.

People with fair complexion: Suitable for lipsticks of any color, but the ones with higher brightness are the best;

People with darker skin are suitable for ochre, dark red and other low-brightness colors;

At the same time, consider your own skin tone.

Warm-toned skin (usually we also think of this kind of skin as yellow skin) is more inclined to choose blue-toned red lipstick, but try not to try purple, because purple will make warm-toned skin appear yellower and even visually affect To the color of the teeth. Bronze or shiny nude colors are also good choices.

Cool skin is more suitable for peach or orange lipstick. If the skin is not very pale, coral and copper lipsticks also have a good effect. Of course, a lipstick with a brown tone as the background color will be more suitable, otherwise blue-red is not recommended.


This picture is generally used when distinguishing between warm and cold colors. Put your hand on the picture, the more beautiful side of your hand is the color you belong to.

In addition to the two principles, when choosing lipsticks, don’t get fainted, be confused by the beautiful colors, and buy colors that are not suitable for you. Follow these small tips to ensure that you will not go wrong:

1. Suitable for eye-catching colors: dozens of colors are side by side, one of which must be the most eye-catching. Lipstick of this color will accentuate the lips. If you have perfect lips and neat teeth, and you want to be the focus of everyone's attention, this one is perfect.

2. Look at the beautiful colors and buy them: Colors that look beautiful may not be suitable for you. The colors look good on a white background, and they may not be beautiful when applied to the mouth. Don't be too troublesome, be sure to try it yourself, it is really beautiful if you apply it on your face.

3. When there is no particularly satisfactory choice: then I advise you to choose the most inconspicuous one. The kind of lipstick that looks plain on the counter, and even makes people unclear what color it is, looks natural and comfortable to use.

4. Brand and color: When choosing lipstick, pay attention to the brand and color. If the skin color of autumn and winter make-up is yellowish, it is necessary to choose warm color series and avoid using pink tones. Although pink lipstick looks good, applying it on yellowish skin will make the skin sallow and unhealthy. For people with fair skin, pink is suitable. After applying it, the skin will be soft and tender.

5. Lipstick should not only match the complexion, but also match the clothes: Before applying lipstick, bring the lipstick to the clothes for comparison, and choose the one with similar color. If the clothes are black and white, bright red or fuchsia lipstick will add to your gorgeous star temperament.

6. Choose according to lip shape: For thick lips, you should choose a dark and heavy lip color. It is best to use powdery lipstick to make your lips look slim and thin. For thin lips, choose a light and bright lip color, or finally put a layer of bright lipstick on the center of the lips to make the lips look plump and plump.

7. Choose according to morning and evening: Evening makeup with dim lighting at night, it is advisable to choose a strong, warm or even glowing lipstick to complement the luxurious and gorgeous image. For daily makeup, due to the strong and bright daylight, Xuan chooses natural and soft lipsticks, and can use mid-tones to give a pure and solemn impression.