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The company is mainly engaged in the processing, production and research and development of various products, cosmetic packaging production, and automatic cosmetic production lines. In terms of quality, we have a professional R&D team that specializes in producing various safe and effective products to serve consumers. Lipstick is the general term for a class of lip cosmetics. Lipstick includes lipstick, lip stick, lip gloss, lip glaze and other forms. Let's introduce them one by one.

1. Lipstick

Lipstick is arguably the oldest and most common type of lipstick, with a creamy solid texture. The advantages of lipstick are high color saturation and strong color hiding power. If you want to create gorgeous and seductive lips, first outline the shape of your lips with a lip liner, and then apply lipstick. However, some lipsticks are less moisturizing than lip glaze or lip gloss. You need to apply a moisturizing lip balm to your lips before use, otherwise the lips will become drier in a few hours.


2. Lip gloss

The texture of the lip gloss is gel-like. Professional makeup artists generally use it with lipstick, and rarely use it alone. Its advantage is that the makeup is very translucent, suitable for light makeup or nude makeup to create sexy and full lip makeup. However, in order to achieve a clear makeup effect, the covering power of lip gloss will be much weaker than that of lipstick. Because the lip gloss has fluidity, and the moisture is better.

3.Lip glaze

In recent years, the new “popular fried chicken” in the lip makeup world is none other than lip glaze. Lip glaze is a liquid lipstick, with a thicker texture, which is better to apply than lipstick, and has a silky feel. Because of its special texture, the color rendering ability of lip glaze is better than most lipsticks. At the same time, there will be a variety of different effects after the upper lip, such as water gloss, matte surface, paint gloss and so on. In addition, the sponge head of the lip glaze fits the lip curve specially, and is particularly small, suitable for contouring delicate lips.

4. Lip and cheek cream/cream/liquid

Lip and cheek dual purpose, as the name suggests, it can be used as blush and lipstick. It is a thin and light product that takes into account the moisture of lipstick and blush. Therefore, the single-quality texture for both lips and cheeks is generally more moisturized and natural in color, but if the method is not correct, it will easily cause problems such as clumping, uneven color, and easy makeup removal. There are currently three types of lip and cheek products on the market: cream (including lip and cheek pencil, lip and cheek cream), mousse, and water.


6. Lipstick pen

Lipstick pen can be regarded as a derivative of lipstick, that is, pen-like lipstick. Compared with ordinary lipsticks, lipstick pens are more convenient to use to outline and modify the lip shape, making the lip contour more perfect and clear. Better to use than lipstick. However, due to craftsmanship and other reasons, the moisturizing degree of the lipstick pen will be discounted accordingly, so it is necessary to do a lip primer before use.

7. Lip stain

Most lip stains look like lip glazes, but their color adhesion is much stronger than lip glazes or lipsticks. Even if it is applied and then wiped off, a faint lipstick color will remain on the lips, achieving the effect of “dyeing the lips”, and it is not easy to fade! However, because the lip stain is not easy to fade, it is also difficult to remove. Be sure to use a special eye and lip makeup remover to remove makeup. In addition, although the lip stain is liquid, it is easy to make the lips feel dry, so you need to do follow-up moisturizing when using it.